Balenciaga, being one of the most sought after designer handbags is also one of the most copied.  Being more expensive than other designer bags, we tend to want to just buy pre-loved instead of buying a brand new from the store.Preloved as it is, these bags are still not cheap.We have to make sure we’re gettingour money’s worth when we buy one and not get fooled into buying those high-end replicas.Here are some guidelines that can help in distinguishing if we’re getting the real deal. 

First, of course, we would want to check the leather. Balenciaga has this distressed look. The leather Should not be too shiny. Please see the photo below.

Second, check the hardware, especially on the straps.  The authentic bag has this rounded hardware, while the replica has sharp edges and is wider.

Notice how the round hardware differs.The authentic bag has a smaller circle while the fake one is too large for the leather that’s holding it. 

Check the Lampo zippers too. The authentic bag has a smoother, not too shiny lampo zipper. 

Lastly, When you check the interior, the stitches on the tag that has the heat stamp Balenciaga should always be black, regardless of the bag’s color.

It should not be the same as the bag’s color except of course if and when the bag is black .. 🙂

Also, check for the parts that should not be there. Like this hardware on the bag’s bottom that is not supposed to be there.

Remember, they make look the same at first glance, but you will not miss a replica by keeping these guidelines in mind.Happy shopping!

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