So I heard that the 5-4-5 stitch count rule for Speedys no longer applies. Some even have 7-2-7, 6-3-6, and other weird combinations; and these bags were brought from LV stores so there’s no doubt about their authenticity. Evidently, Louis Vuitton seems to change their patterns more often lately because of the counterfeiters. The locations of the date codes change from time to time as well or so they say.

I heard that the bags that were produced recently have different stitch counts so authenticating has become more difficult especially for those who buy from out of the store. The good news is, minus the stitching, we can still authenticate these lovely bags by just looking at the hardware, the quality of the leather, and the stitching overall.

Being the most copied Louis Vuitton bag, the counterfeiters became more and more detailed and a good replica Speedy, if one won’t look carefully is almost as good as the real thing.

When authenticating a Speedy, one should always look at the quality of the leather first. It should be lightweight but shouldn’t feel weak. It shouldn’t be too shiny or too matte. The monogram shouldn’t bee too contrasted with the bag’s brown color. No, it shouldn’t be too bright. The bag should not stand on its own because it’s leather should be of a soft quality.

The hardware,  overall, shouldn’t be too yellow. The hardware holding the handles shouldn’t be too square and edgy but not too round either. They should be squarish with slightly rounded edges. As per the bag’s stamping, honestly, I’ve seen too many authentic Speedys with different stampings. I won’t say they’re uniform, especially when comparing an old speedy to a newer one. The only thing they have in common is the perfect “O” in Louis Vuitton. In my opinion though, based on my observation, the older Speedys have got more appeal than the ones that were produced recently. The leather seems sturdier but softer and suppler in older Speedys. I’m not sure if it’s because the leather is older or if LV has really changed their raw materials.

Of course, the basics that we’ve used as guidelines in authenticating change every now and then. But there are still qualities in LV Speedys that are forever there. The rivets are still the same, the zippers, the way they make sure that no LV letters are cut; that the monogram should be symmetrical from side to side; that the bag shouldn’t be stitched at the bottom; how the leather shouldn’t be cut thus making the monogram upside down on the other side are still indicators for authenticity.

They say it’s safest to buy from the LV store. But sometimes buying pre-loved isn’t just for saving some but also in its own way, a challenge. Happy shopping everyone!

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