APDB’s Made to Order (MTO) Items

(It is made from discarded old LV bags) reused in such a way as to

(It is made from discarded old LV bags) reused in such a way as to create a product of same quality and add value from it’s original form for a fraction of a cost. We have a list of products in our inventories that you can choose from.

The canvas that we use eg: Monogram/Damier/Vernis/Epi is from old authentic LV bags. APDB is buying old, scraps, and ruined LV bags and cut out the reusable parts of these canvases to be later on reused for our upcycled products. As for the leather, we only use high-quality, imported, real vachetta, ebene, cowhide. Same as what LV uses. Interior was made from real leather aswell. For instance, the interior of the Sac Plat is made from real pigskin and the Florentine’s interior is made from real lamb leather. In terms of metal hardware, we fabricate our own. LV doesn’t sell any aftermarket hardwares and because of this we are opted to use a fabricated metal harwares.

Our MTO upcycled are all carefully handcrafted by our highly trained artisans. They are of high quality. Before these products are released, they go through two meticulous quality check from our quality analysts and master craftsman’s to ensure that the products are in order and passed our standard.

The answer are mostly yes. Though we specialize mostly on LV products our team is ready to accommodate any inquiries in regard of any upcycled designer brands. Just send us a message anytime!

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